Satellite uplink content distribution

In 2014 Hungaro DigiTel launched its satellite uplink and content distribution service. In order to achieve the highest quality Hungaro DigiTel uses Rohde&Schwarz’s integrated, modular and IP-based state-of-the-art headend system.

The main elements of the service

  • Multiplex service
  • Digital satellite uplink service
  • Provision of satellite capacity
  • Conditional access service (CONAX)
  • Monitoring

Multiplex service

  • Signal reception at signal entry point,
  • Signal transmission from signal entry point to encoder inputs (if necessary),
  • Encoding of audio, video (HD and SD MPEG-2/H.264) and other signals in statistical VBR or CBR format,
  • Transmitting and multiplexing of compressed channels,
  • Generating, inserting and multiplexing of PSI/SI information,
  • Forwarding the multiplexed signals to the uplink system.

To provide the highest availability Hungaro DigiTel has installed redundant modulators, upconverters, amplifiers and high gain antennas.

Hungaro DigiTel transmits standard DVB-S or DVB-S2 modulated signals towards the satellite. The most important modulation parameters, the symbol rate and the utilized bandwidth are set up during the actual line-up procedure in close cooperation and supervision with the satellite supplier.

Provision of satellite capacity

Beside the satellite uplink and content distribution service Hungaro DigiTel is ready to provide satellite capacity for both temporary and long-term periods. Our current lease contracts with several satellite suppliers allow us to allocate the necessary capacity with the shortest possible deadline.

Conditional access service (CONAX)

Hungaro DigiTel uses the latest Conax Contego system and provides the on/off management of the cards including a firewall protected internet access to the Conax central management software where our customers are able to activate/deactivate their cards.

Hungaro DigiTel also provides for its customers - if requested - Conax cards, moduls and set-top-boxes.


In order to provide the highest availability quick and accurate fault detection, identification and elimination are essential. Hungaro DigiTel performs continuous monitoring within the whole transmission chain at multiply points.