Central site infrastructure

Central site infrastructure

Central satellite infrastructure

  • Central satellite antenna park (2,4 m; 3,7 m; 4,9 m; 5,6 m; 6,1 m; 6,3 m; 8,1 m; 9 m)
  • Redundant control systems

Technical, network infrastructure

  • Redundant backhaul communications infrastructure (fiber, microwave, VSAT)
  • Direct connections to main internet exchange centers (SZTAKI and Dataplex) in Budapest
  • Redundant electrical supply network (supplemented with UPS and diesel generator)
  • Cisco based IP network
  • Network fulfilling the highest security standars
  • TIER3 data room


  • 24/7 manned security
  • Enhanced physical protection
  • IP based video camera system