iDirect Evolution

Broadband VSAT technology - iDirect Evolution

For meeting the increasing demand for broadband satellite services, Hungaro DigiTel Ltd. has launched its new iDirect Infinity central satellite system at the end of 2007.

The system is unique in Hungary, and due to its increased upload and download bandwidth, as well as to the new supported VSAT technologies, Hungaro DigiTel is able to support also the resource-demanding and critical business applications anywhere.

Network structure

Resulting from the VSAT technology, the user network has a star topology, so it can be fully adapted to the topology of the network to be implemented by our partner in all cases. Star topology assures that disturbances at different points of the network do not affect the regular operation of the other network parts and assures this way the high availability. The entire network traffic is IP based. Optionally, the system is also capable of operating according to the SCPC (point to point) topology.


The central element of the iDirect Infinity system is the HUB, that establishes separate virtual transmission channels (backbone) with each remote terminal. The data traffic generated by the user ports of the terminals (VSAT) and the remote management data connections are multiplexed also into these channels. The HUB is modular, well scalable, so it can follow the changes in size of the client’s network.

  • Modulation: QPSK vagy 8PSK
  • Error correction coding: TurboProductCode (+1,5dB!)
  • Channel access: TDMA
  • Frequency range: Ku or C band operation
  • Protection: 1:1 hot backup, automatic switchover

Network management (NMS)

The network management computer is continuously monitoring all network elements, provides continuous reports on events and statistical traffic data, comprehensively manages the remote terminals, provides on-line configuration changes and tracks the user ports and their protocols. Bandwidth / priorities of the individual connections can also be set (QoS).

CNO (Customer Network Observer) – it allows a restricted access for the user with monitoring mode. The user can monitor the terminal points and can get insight into the network operation.

VSAT (equipment installed at the user)

  • Antenna: 1,8 m (offset) or 2.4m (offset)
  • Operation: Ku or C band
  • Cabling: RG-11
  • Distance of antenna and equipment: 50 - 100 m
  • Management: Continuous, automatized NMS

Other technical information

  • Extraordinarily high reliability (10 years).
  • MF-TDMA (Multi-frequency hopping time division multiple access) return link band access.
  • Integrated data compression enhancing bandwidth by up to four times.
  • Integrated TCP acceleration.
  • Automatic power control and return link channel selection (adaptive TDMA).
  • Favorable response time (VSAT->Hub->Host->Hub->VSAT) < 1 mp
  • Effective channel utilization
  • Advanced QoS capabilities
  • Improved data security
  • Simple integration with terrestrial networks: Layer 2 over Satellite
  • Advanced mobility features